At JODIVANESSA, we prioritise sustainability at every step, from production to delivery. We source high-quality materials from local businesses and repurpose any leftover materials for future collections.



We collaborate with small, independent and family-owned factories in London and Leicester, enabling us to offer equitable employment opportunities for local artisans while also contributing to the preservation of local craftsmanship.


Zero Waste Policy

Remaining garments from past collections are offered on our website as archive pieces, mitigating our impact on the environment. Our garments are crafted in limited quantities, often made to order, to prevent overproduction whenever feasible.



Crafted by skilled tailors using premium materials, our garments ensure longevity. We provide care instructions to our clients and are readily available to assist with any inquiries.



We strive to reduce packaging waste by utilising mailing bags made from 40 micron recyclable material, containing 30% recycled content, for shipping our garments.